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Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance

A new 6-week better-than-free scalable course funded by SEEDS, the regenerative currency, to help onboard civil society onto open-source, decentralised platforms and practices

Article by Phoebe Tickell

Shifting to regenerative practices

I think for a while, I’ve thought that the shift to using regenerative practices, ethical, open-source, decentralised platforms and technology and radically imaginative and co-creative governance and ways of working will just happen, as a matter of time.

A platform to support the shift

During the first weeks of the pandemic, my friend Stephen Reid and I were reflecting on how quickly things changed and how many things we used to consider ‘normal’ shifted in a matter of weeks. Airports shut and a mass grounding of flights reduced CO2 emissions by up to 60%. In week one of the pandemic, the government pledged £3.2m to local authorities to house people who were either sleeping on the streets or thought to be at high risk of sleeping rough during the pandemic.

A 6-week course open to everyone

In the Autumn, the open library was picked up by SEEDS community and regenerative cyptocurrency (, and we were invited to submit a proposal for a grant of 2.5m SEEDS (about $50k at current prices) from the SEEDS community to develop the platform into a six-week online course for 100 people from across the globe called Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance. This will be offered by a decentralised university called RenaissanceU.

Schedule and course details

The schedule can be found here:

  • The Regenerative Renaissance
  • Week 2: Regenerative Agriculture & Thriving Local Economies
  • Permaculture, Open Food, Community Supported Agriculture, Circular Systems & P2P energy
  • Week 3: Regenerative Money
  • SEEDS, Celo, Circles, Cobudget & Aragon
  • Week 4: Decentralised Organising and Horizontal Leadership
  • Teal, Sociocracy, Holacracy, Enspiral & Loomio
  • Week 5: Co-operative Ownership
  • Platform Co-operatives, Purpose Organisations & Dandelion
  • Week 6: Wrap up
  • Reflection and Next Steps
  • 10m break
  • Part 2 (55m). Conversation with a guest expert followed by Q&A
  • Watching a screenshare walkthrough video
  • App-related tasks e.g. participate in a Loomio decision, make a SEEDS transaction
  • Reading articles on theory/background
  • Watching videos/films
  • Recording and sharing at least one sensemaking conversation with a small number of other participants on the course (this could be a post-course reflection)

Applications and registration

Applications are now open. Successful applicants pay a registration fee in Seeds (S500/1500/3000 low income/standard/abundant, which is approximately $10/30/60). A number of zero fee scholarship places are also available on request.

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Education for the Regenerative Renaissance

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