• Lucas Jackson

    Lucas Jackson

  • Phoebe Tickell

    Phoebe Tickell

    Cares about the common good. Building capacity for deep systems change. Complexity &ecosystems obsessive. Experiments for everything. 10 yrs #systemsthinking.

  • Mike


  • Ingrid Larik

    Ingrid Larik

    Facilitator of dialogue & collaboration |org designer| "Organisations are conversations" |transformational leadership|Flexvia- 2BeFutureFit-ISW-C2C

  • Emily O. Weltman

    Emily O. Weltman

    Emily Weltman, M. Ed., strategy consultant, social entrepreneur + coFLOWco founder is “Leading with Purpose–because the patriarchy isn’t going to fix Itself.”💫

  • Antonio Bonet Mulet

    Antonio Bonet Mulet

  • Stian Håklev

    Stian Håklev

    PhD at OISE/UofT, Toronto. Open access, open science, open learning, Elixir, React, functional programming.

  • Ernesto van Peborgh

    Ernesto van Peborgh

    Entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker, Harvard MBA. Builder of systemic interactive networks for knowledge management.

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