A new 6-week better-than-free scalable course funded by SEEDS, the regenerative currency, to help onboard civil society onto open-source, decentralised platforms and practices

Article by Phoebe Tickell

I’m excited to share about a course I will be contributing to this coming year, starting on February 10th. The course is called Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance, will be 6 weeks long, and connects the dots between regenerative food systems, regenerative education, new money systems, collective and cooperative business models, radically distributed governance and the power of community and collective imagination 🌟. Applications close in 3 days!

Shifting to regenerative practices

I think for a while, I’ve thought that the shift to using regenerative practices, ethical, open-source, decentralised platforms and technology and radically imaginative and co-creative governance and ways…


Education for the Regenerative Renaissance

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